Safe and Sound: Navigating Concerts and Festivals with Confidence

A large concert crowd.

Concert day is finally here, but in your excitement, don't forget that large crowds and loud music can pose serious safety risks if unprepared. (Image: Monkeybusiness via Envato Elements)

Melodic Mastery: 7 Ways Music Enhances Mathematical Skills

A young child playing a piano.

Did you know that music can make mathematics more enjoyable for students? (Image: Vladvictoria via Pixabay)

Music as a Lifesaver: A Tale From the Far East

Several items displayed from a World War 2 soldier.

A country that resorts to conscripting middle-aged music professors for war is hardly in a winning position. (Image: David Smith via Dreamstime)

How the Herrenchiemsee Festival Brings the Castle Back to Life

The Herrenchiemsee Castle.

The Herrenchiemsee Festival in Neubeuern, Germany, is a royal treat for musicians and music lovers alike. (Image: via

Music as Magic: True Nourishment for the Soul

Conductor's baton sitting atop a pile of music scores.

The psychology of music is deeply concerned with how sound influences your feelings. (Image: Tobias Schwarz via Dreamstime)

The Power of Music and How It Affects Listeners

Young man and woman laying in the grass listening to music through headphones.

Music has been demonstrated to affect everything, from our attention and relaxation to our physical and emotional well-being. (Image: Orlando Florin Rosu via Dreamstime)

What Is the Best Music for Pain Relief?

What Do You Visualize When You Listen to Music?

Illustration of a boy wearing a cowboy hat playing a guitar.

Music isn’t a truly universal language, it turns out. A team of researchers led by Elizabeth Margulis, director of Princeton’s Music Cognition Lab, found that culture and background influence what we visualize when we listen to instrumental music we’ve never heard before. (Image: Teri Sanders via Office of Communications)

Prince Bishop Release the Blistering Single ‘Roman Roads’

Black and white photo of The Durham-based alt-rock outfit Prince Bishop.

The Durham-based alt-rock outfit Prince Bishop. (Image: Mark Savage)

The Healing Impact of Music

A young mother holds her newborn child while sitting in a white rocking chair in the nursery.

It is not without reason that mothers resorted to singing soothing lullabies to their children to help them sleep. (Image: Famveldman via Dreamstime)