Mystery Surrounds 3 Inmates Who Vanished From Alcatraz

The Mysterious ‘Chase Vault,’ Where Coffins Refused to Stay Put

The Mysterious ‘Chase Vault,’ the Crypt Where Coffins Refused to Stay Put

Stone crosses marking graves.

Stone crosses marking graves. (Image: Ron Sumners via Dreamstime)

What Is Hidden on the Other Side of the Moon?

Mysterious STEVE Light Emissions Emanate From Earth’s Magnetosphere


Photograph of the July 17, 2018 STEVE events. (Image: via Neil Zeller)

Are the Earth’s Magnetic Poles Truly Flipping?

Photograph of the upper part of the Muldrow Glacier, with Denali in the background.

Muldrow glacier has begun surging and some scientists are warning that this may be due to a change in the earth's magnetic poles. (Image: via NPS)

Loyalty: Dog Walks 2 Miles Every Day to Visit His Owner’s Grave

A sad-faced dog.

A dog in Italy found his dead owner's grave and visits it regularly. (Image: via Piqsels)

Defying Science: The Mysterious Iron Pillar of Delhi

Delhi's iron pillar.

The iron pillar has an inscription going across it. (Image: via Wikimedia Copmmons)

Care for a Stroll Over the Devil’s Bridge in Germany?

The Devil's bridge.

Sailing under the bridge is believed to unlock mystical abilities. (Image: svolks via Wikimedia Commons)

Planetary Scientist Unravels Mystery of Egyptian Desert Glass

A researcher has solved a nearly 100-year-old riddle by discovering that glass found in the Egyptian desert was created by a meteorite impact, rather than atmospheric airburst. (Image: Curtin University)