A Journey of Forgiveness: 93-Year-Old Grandma and Grandson Visit Every National Park in the U.S.

Joy Ryan and her grandson Brad Ryan.

In 2015, Joy Ryan and her grandson, Brad Ryan, set out to visit all 63 national parks in the U.S. Last month, almost eight years later, they completed their odyssey when they visited the National Park of American Samoa. (Image: Brad Ryan via Facebook)

Cairns: An Ancient Tradition With a Modern Twist

A stone cairn in the Himalayas.

Cairns have been used for centuries as a way to mark trails and provide directions. (Image: Dmitry Rukhlenko via Dreamstime)

Doctors Are Now Prescribing Visits to National Parks to Improve Health

A stack of dead wood next to a pond in Rouge National Park, Toronto, Canada.

Canadian doctors have started writing 'prescriptions' so their patients can spend time in national parks to get the healing benefits of nature. (Image: Eddar27 via Wikimedia Commons)

National Forests in the Baltics Connected With Epic New Hiking Trail

A woman sitting on a rock ledge.

People were detached from nature during the pandemic, which made them feel isolated, unhappy, and stressed out. (Image: V via Dreamstime)