3 Days After Death, a Man Came Back to Life

Colored clouds in the sky.

Some embark on extraordinary journeys to seek answers in a world filled with questions about what happens after people leave this earthly realm. (Image: Nuttawut Parasert via Dreamstime)

An Amazon Bestseller: ‘Quarks of Light: A Near-Death Experience Revisited’

Sunrise over the mountains.

The ancient Chinese divided one day into 12 Chinese hours, and the human body has 12 meridians, each running for one hour. (Image: Kareni via Pixabay)

Darryl Perry: The Man Who Went to Heaven and Came Back

Beaming light through the clouds.

Darryl Perry recovered from a near death experience and set his attention on inspiring anyone facing a challenge. (Image: geralt via Pixabay)