Visiting the Tulip Fields in Holland: Everything You Need to Know

Dutch boy and girl in traditional clothes bending over to touch noses together while standing in a tulip field with a windmill in the background.

The Netherlands is a beautiful country and it is famous for certain things including windmills and tulips. (Image: Famveldman via Dreamstime)

Blooming Beauty of the Keukenhof in the Netherlands


The Netherlands is home to some of the most beautiful sights in the world, including the world’s largest flower garden. (Image: Vijay Kiran via Flickr)

Saving the Bees: A Dutch Solution

A bee pollinating a clover flower.

In the town of Utrecht in the Netherlands, many of the bus stop rooftops are covered in plants to support the growth of the honeybee population in the region. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Netherlands Leading World in Agricultural Innovation