8 Things You Didn’t Know About the Māori

Māori performing a haka.

When you hear of the Māori, most people think about the haka that has gained much attention in mainstream media. (Image: Somakram via Dreamstime)

8 Outstanding Surfing Spots Around the World

A surfer 'in the tube' of a wave.

Few activities are more exhilarating than balancing on rushing water, and here are some of the best places to do it. (Image: Epicstock via Dreamstime)

New Zealand Academic Anne-Marie Brady Living in Fear of Beijing

Anne-Marie Brady.

Anne-Marie Brady is a professor at the University of Canterbury. (Image: via University of Canterbury )

What Caused the Strange Blue Spiral Light Above New Zealand?

Blue spiral light over New Zealand.

A spiral of blue lights as seen from Stewart Island, New Zealand. (Image: Alasdair Burns via Twinkle Dark Sky Tours)

Are These the 10 Safest Countries to Be in if World War 3 Breaks Out?

A mountain lake in Switzerland.

Switzerland would by default make it onto the list of one of the most stable and safest countries in the world. Where are the safest countries to live in the world? (Image: Yurchyk via Dreamstime)

New Zealand: A New World, a New Life, With Endless Possibilities

Woman sitting on a hill at sunset.

Mary chose New Zealand because of her family pressuring her to get married. Mary once thought that life was a one-way street, but now she knows there are many more options for her. (Image: Orapan Yenchum via Dreamstime)

China Expert Anne-Marie Brady Gets Support After University Orders Review of Her Work

Anne-Marie Brady.

In her latest report, professor Anne-Marie Brady raises concerns about the increasing links between universities in New Zealand and China. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

New Zealand: Anti-CCP Activists Mysteriously Die in Car Crash

Dependence on China: Australia at Most Risk Among Five Eyes

Melbourne, Australia.

A study by London-based think tank the Henry Jackson Society has found that among all the Five Eyes nations, Australia is the most vulnerable to Chinese influence. (Image: NeilMorrell via Pixabay)

New Zealand’s Queenstown

Lake Wakatipu.

Lake Wakatipu from Queenstown Hill. (Image: darshavardhan deuskar via Wikimedia Commons)