10 Easy Steps to Achieve Healthy, Pearl-White Teeth

Young blonde woman with perfectly healthy teeth.

Your teeth help you when you talk and chew, and they can also make or break your appearance and even relationships with other people. (Image: Aleksandr Rybalko via Dreamstime)

Oil Pulling for Healthier Teeth and Gums

Coconut oil and toothpaste.

Recently, coconut oil pulling is increasingly becoming more and more popular, primarily due to its natural properties with no adverse side effects. (Image: Nadisja via Dreamstime)

Table Salt Has 34 Practical Uses

Sea salt in a bag and containers.

Sea saly in a bag and containers. (Image: Alexandr Kornienko via Dreamstime)

Easy Tips to Treat Bad Breath

Bad breath refers to an unpleasant smell from the mouth or nose that can have a devastating effect on one’s social life and psychological well-being. (Image: vi Pixabay)