Squid Fishing Grew by 68 Percent in Just Three Years, Raising Fears the Industry Is Out of Control

Cooked squid.

Almost all of the increase in squid fishing has occurred in unregulated areas, with 86 percent of squid fishing now occurring in places with little or no scrutiny of catch sizes. (Image: Peggy_Marco via Pixabay)

How the Persian Gulf Is Being Taken Over By China’s Fishing Trawlers

A pair of boats on their way out for night trawling.

Chinese fishing vessels are reportedly invading coastal water belonging to Argentina. (Image: John via Flickr)

Bringing Back the Fijian Fishing Tradition of ‘Tabu’

Fijians are bring back the tradition of tabu.

Fijians are reviving their traditional practice of ‘tabu’ in a bid to improve their fishing stocks. (Image: Quangpraha via Pixabay)

Indonesian Fishermen: Poor, but Happy

A beached fishing boat.

A young man picked up an abandoned leaky boat from the sea and mended it several times. (Image: analogicus via Pixabay)

The Devastating Global Impact of China’s Distant Water Fishing Fleet

A Chinese ocean fishing vessel.

China’s Distant Water Fishing fleet is five to eight times larger than previously estimated at 16,966 vessels. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)