What Is the Ultimate Purpose of Reincarnation?

Young woman smiling as she looks down at a butterfly.

Stories of reincarnation are common, but what is the ultimate purpose of reincarnation? (Image: Milaapid via Dreamstime)

How Good People Are Rewarded for Their Good Karma

A stone bridge.

How does life compensate us for either good or bad karma? (Image: Steve Roberts via Dreamstime)

Powerful Memories of Mulberry Girl’s Past Lives Indicate Existence of Reincarnation

A butterfly heading to a flower with a brilliant light behind it.

The mulberry girl vividly recalled the secrets of her past lives. (Image: Cammeraydave via Dreamstime)

Chinese Woman Known for Recalling Past Lives

While Niu never had a day of schooling, she could remember three of her previous reincarnations over the last 158 years, and every one of her recollections has been verified as fully accurate. (Image: ralph repo via Flickr)