Hard as Ice, Fluid as Water: An Allegory on the Stages of a Successful Life

Ice in the form of a heart.

When a distraught young businessman meets a meditating monk by a lakeside he receives a profound lesson about water's transformative states. (Image: Tatyana Mukhomedianova via Dreamstime)

Want to Become a Good Man, Then Hone These Qualities as a Boy

Smiling African American boy sitting on the beach.

If you instill these qualities into your son, he'll grow up to be a man you can be proud of. (Image: Spotmatik via Dreamstime)

10 Advantages to Practicing Chinese Calligraphy

Several calligraphy brushes sit on a table next to bowls of ink and paper.

Throughout history, Chinese calligraphy has been considered to be one of the fundamental ways of self-cultivation. (Image: Zhiqian Li via Dreamstime)

A Blessed Person Has These 8 Uplifting Characteristics and Much More

The heart of a blessed person.

Cardiovascular health is about more than physical fitness. It is also about mindfulness, and being content with one’s life and destiny.  (Image: John Hain via Pixabay)

After Curiosity, Perseverance Is All Set to Look for Ancient Proof of Life on Mars

The Perseverance rover on Mars.

NASA's newest rover, Perseverance, joins the Curiosity rover to look for ancient proof of life on Mars. (Image: via Wikimedia Commons)

Another First: Perseverance Captures the Sounds of Driving on Mars

Mars Perseverance photo of Mars.

Mars Perseverance Sol 16: Left Navigation Camera (Navcam): NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover acquired this image using its onboard left Navigation Camera (Navcam). The camera is located high on the rover’s mast and aids in driving. This image was acquired on Mar. 7, 2021 (Sol 16). (Image: JPL-Caltech via NASA)

The Goodness of Perseverance

Mountain climber climbs up icy mountain using ice pick.

Hold on! Failure is a passing thing for those who get up and try again. (Image: via Pixabay)

Practice Makes Perfect

A violin bow lying on sheet music.

There is always room for improvement, especially if you’re a professional in the performing arts. (Image: Ri_Ya via Pixabay)



Working to sell ads for a newspaper, one man persevered in trying to close deals with the 'impossible' clients. (Image: ReadyElements via Pixabay)