Apple’s Privacy ‘Nutrition Label’ Introduced

A hand reaching to undue a security lock.

In the cyber world, Apple has taken a bold step in the right direction by introducing the 'nutrition label' concept that now requires app developers to disclose the privacy data they collect from their app users. (Image: Wrightstudio via Dreamstime)

WhatsApp Founder Gives Dire Warning to Facebook Users

WhatsApp on a mobile phone.

The co-founder of WhatsApp, Brian Acton, has asked people to delete their Facebook accounts since the company follows a policy of trading user information for revenues through ads. (Image: antonbe via Pixabay)

Internet Is Now a Monster, Says Former CERN Scientist


Tim Berners-Lee created the HTTP protocol to help CERN scientists across the world share information and cooperate with one another. (Image: Anders Sandberg via Flickr)

How to Stop Google From Tracking Your Internet Use

5 Simple Ways Your Identity Is Stolen

According to estimates, nearly 60 million U.S. citizens have had their identities stolen, with 15 million Americans falling victim to identity theft in 2017 alone. (Image: Peggy_Marco via Pixabay)