We Need to Treat Dangerous Selfies Like the Public Health Hazard They Really Are

Taking dangerous selfies at the Grand Canyon.

Selfies have been called everything from an art form to narcissistic and a sign of a dysfunctional society. (Image: Michael_Luenen via Pixabay)

11 Picturesque Destinations Photography Enthusiasts Must Travel to in 2022

Nature photographer with a digital camera sits on top of a mountain taking a photo as the sun peeks through the clouds overhead.

While every travel destination has its charms, some locations call out to photography enthusiasta due to their natural or man-made splendor. (Image: Tetiana Zbrodko via Dreamstime)

Dior Pulls China Model Photo, but Is the Hype Real?

One of the Christian Dior store locations in Hong Kong.

A controversial image by one of China's most famous fashion photographers was removed from a Christian Dior exhibition in Shanghai. (Image: Ewymenfeta via Wikimedia Commons)

Incredible Macro Photos of Singapore’s Mirror Spider

A mirror spider sitting on a leaf.

Nicky Bay's macro images of mirror spiders are simply dazzling! (Image: via Nicky Bay)

‘Here Live Only Sparrows’: China’s Vanishing Villages in Contemplative Photos

A man from the village requesting a photo of him before his homes are demolished.

A man from the village requesting a photo of him before his homes are demolished. From the photo series 'Here Live Only Sparrows.' (Image: via Wiktoria Wojciechowska)

World of the High-Altitude Gemstone Hunters of Karakorum

Mohammed Isaac in Shackla mine base camp. Pakistan

Mohammed Isaac in the Shackla mine base camp, Pakistan. (Image: via Anna Huix)

‘The Yellow River: China’s Mythical River and Human Interventions’ by Photographer Zhang Kechun

A Buddha head sculpture in a coal yard in Ningxia as man watches on.by Yellow River Photographer Zhang Kechun

A Buddha head in a coal yard in Ningxia. (Image: via Zhang Kechun)

The History of Street Photography and Its Growing Popularity

A man man on the street taking photos.

The purpose of a street photographer is to capture what happens right in front of him. (Image: StockSnap via Pixabay)

Busting the Photography Myth of ‘Rule of Thirds’

Photography's Rule of Thirds.

The Rule of Thirds calls for important elements of an image to be placed at an intersection point of two lines in a 3x3 grid. (Image: dangquangn via Pixabay)

How to Take Photos of Lightning