Calm in Chaos: 12 Ways to Boost Your Patience Quotient

Woman stressing, overthinking events alone at home.

Many struggle with maintaining composure and grace during challenging moments, and impatience can be a significant roadblock to personal growth and success. (Image: Eldar Nurkovic via Dreamstime)

The Gift of Forest Therapy: A Respite for Mental Health

Asian female outdoors in the park smiling with her arms raised.

Forest therapy offers a unique platform for individuals to immerse themselves in the tranquility of the woods, enabling nature's healing power to rejuvenate their mind and spirit. (Image: Shao-chun Wang via Dreamstime)

7 Health Benefits of Gardening

A young couple harvesting from their garden.

Besides putting a meal on your table and adding the oomph to your compound, gardening offers many health benefits. (Image: Arne9001 via Dreamstime)

Study: Physical Activity Reduces Symptoms of Depression

Young adult woman walking up the stairs.

No matter how many good things there are, health is the best! (Image: Siam Pukkato via Dreamstime)