5 Piano Players Who Influenced the World

Black piano keys with a sheet of music overlaid.

 In my spare time, I listen to good music and watch good performances and artworks. (Image: geralt via Pixabay)

Czech Billionaire Buys Pianos Rejected by Beijing’s Childish Antics

A piano keyboard.

British acoustic engineer John Stuart Reid invented an instrument for research in cymatics (also known as acoustic dynamics) and found that different frequencies and energy levels will have other effects on water. (Image: Jobbeat via Pixabay)

An English Pianist Who Plays for Injured Elephants

A man playing the piano for an elephant.

Blind and injured elephants at Elephants World in Thailand are treated to piano music. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Elderly Man With Dementia Comes Back to Life When Reunited With a Piano

A piano.

Music has the power to enrich the brain and the human spirit. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)