The Power of Encouragement and Faith: Turning Struggles Into Triumphs

Four books stacked on a wooden surface, each one with one of the words to the phrase 'success is one step away.'

Encouragement and faith can transform a person's mindset and behavior, making success just one step away. (Image: Tomert via Dreamstime)

Practical Strategies for Handling Chronic Complainers in Your Life

Girl complaining or having an angry conversation with her friend.

When emotional pressure overwhelms, it is easy to fall victim to uncontrollable anger. If this becomes habit-forming, it may mean something is wrong with your liver. (Image: Antonio Guillem via Dreamstime)

Endurance: Everything You Need to Know to Build It

Confident, smiling woman looking up as she stands in front of tall buildings on a city street.

Endurance is the ability to persist through challenging situations and maintain a positive attitude in the face of adversity. (Image: Dark1elf via Dreamstime)

6 Key Practices to Stop Being a Victim


Becoming a victim of something is difficult, traumatic, and often unjust. (Image: Adonis1969 via Dreamstime)