The Resurgence of Farmers Markets: Thriving in the U.S. Since the Pandemic

Summer farmers market on Main Street in Parker, Colorado.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, farmers markets have shown remarkable adaptability and endurance. (Image: Arinahabich08 via Dreamstime)

Why a Giant Violin Is Floating Around the Canals of Venice

'Noah's Violin' floating on Venice's Grand Canal carrying musician and surrounded by gondolas.

The 'Noah's Violin' is a symbol of overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic. (Image: via Mieko Ban, used with permission from Gallery Livio de Marchi)

Wimbledon Is Not Just About Tennis

An official Wimbledon tennis ball.

One year after the Club canceled its schedule due to the global pandemic in 2020, activities were back in full swing. (Image: Jiri Vondrous via Dreamstime)