4 Benefits of Green Tea

Ancient Chinese building on the edge of a pond.

Some people really like to drink tea and enjoy the ritual of preparing a cup of tea. (Image: David Leo Veksler via Flicker)

5 Common Sense Precautions to Protect Your Home From the CCP Virus

A woman with a hoodie wearing a face mask.

Living a relaxed life in these times can be hard. (Image: via Pixnio)

5 Common Sense Ways to Avoid Catching the Wuhan Coronavirus

Washing hands with soap.

Hand-washing doesn't guarantee immunity. But it's easy, it's under your control, and it has no significant downside. (Image: via Pxhere)

Coronavirus: What You Need To Know


A plague broke out in the Western Jin Dynasty, during Emperor Simayan's Xianning period (A.D. 275-280). (Image: maffiemaffie via Pixabay)