Cracking Down on Deceptive Drifters: Facebook’s Sweep of Chinese Troll Accounts


If you've been an active user of Facebook recently, you may have noticed some changes to your newsfeed. Facebook's latest sweep has deleted thousands of accounts linked to Chinese troll armies. (Image: via Pixabay)

Words Have Consequences: Two Tales of Karmic Retribution

Lightning strikes over sandhills.

Two people experience the striking force of karmic retribution as they dare to challenge fate by lying and ultimately face the consequences of their actions. (Image: Elen33 via Dreamstime)

Overcoming Fear and Taking a Stand Against the Chinese Communist Party (Part 2)

Wei Yihan.

On November 19, 2022, Wei Yihan participated in a rally and parade in Toronto to resist the tyranny of the CCP and support Peng Zaizhou. (Image: Yi Ling via The Epoch Times)

Global Scope of Beijing’s Multibillion-Dollar Media Influence Campaigns Exposed

Manipulated fake news.

China is forcing its journalists to take an exam to prove their loyalty. (Image: via Canva)

The Great Translation Movement Shines a Spotlight on China’s Propaganda

People at a rally to protest the war in Ukraine.

Since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, China has been actively promoting an alternative reality that pushes pro-Russia and pro-Putin messages. (Image: Eduard Kryzhanivskyi via Dreamstime)

How the CCP Targets Youth Across the Globe

Tiles spelling out fake news, propaganda, manipulate, etc.

The CCP is resorting to various long-term and clandestine policies to spread its propaganda to young people across the globe. (Image: Pfongabe33 via Dreamstime)

3 Powerful Witnesses: In China, There Is No Escape

A young Chinese woman.

An attractive young widow lived next to where the examination was held. After a while, she tried to seduce the older brother, but he refused with stern words. (Image: Darren Baker via Dreamstime)

How Beijing Is Using Propaganda to Control Its Image at All Costs

A flying fox surrounded by CCP viruses.

Beijing is using propaganda to clear itself from criticism of spreading the CCP coronavirus. (Image: Syaibatulhamdi via Pixabay)

Interest in Homeschooling on the Rise in Communist China

Asian girl at home working on a school lesson.

The Chinese government has banned homeschooling in China but this has not stopped a few parents from educating their kids at home. (Image: Somdul via Dreamstime)

China: Propaganda Systems Shaping Public Opinion

CCP propaganda.

'My People, My Country' is a big propaganda hit in China. (Image VIA IMDB)