Jeane Dixon’s Amazing Predictions and Prophecies

An image of Jeane Dixon superimposed on an image of the Great Wall of China.

Before her death in 1997, Jeane Dixon predicted that the hope of humankind lay in the East — China. (Image: via The Epoch Times)

Who Is the ‘Oriental Saint’? The Answer Can Be Found in Western Prophecy

A man stands on top of a mountain and a beam of light appears to shoot out from his head up into the heavens.

Many prophets have predicted that in our time, a Saint will arise in the East. (Image: felix_merler via Pixabay)

Chinese and Western Prophecies for 2021 Warn of Disasters

Colorful sunset at sea near Polynesia.

From ancient China to 16th-century France and modern-day India, seers and prophets warn the world of disasters to come in 2021. (Image: Pilottage via Flickr)