Leave Some ‘Persimmons’ on the Tree: Generosity Leads to Prosperity

A series of enclosures in the sea for aquaculture.

The owner of a fish farm gave a young man a job feeding his fish. (Image: Ollirg via Dreamstime)

When Family Is Lost to Internal Conflict

A couple having an argument.

Compared to married couples, cohabiting partners may find it relatively easier to exit in times of difficulty since they haven't legally tied their lives together through marriage. (Image: Ana Blazic Pavlovic via Dreamstime)

Accumulation of Virtue by Ancestors and the Prosperity of Future Generations

Precious stones.

Do we actually inherit the rewards for the goodness accumulated by our ancestors? Is there a tangible connection between their virtuous lives, their sacrifices, and the prosperity bestowed on later generations? (Image: Waihs via Dreamstime)