Debunking Some Myths About Mental Health

A woman with anxiety.

Worrying will turn your hair grey. Sad people tend to have grey hair and wrinkles on their skin. (Image: via Unsplash)

Power Posing Can Give a Person More Self-Confidence

A woman power posing.

The much-touted power pose theory has sparked debates among psychologists, and they remain divided in their opinions on its utility and credibility. (Image: Phoenix021 via Dreamstime)

Horses Can Read Human Emotions, Even From Photos

Head shot of a thoroughbred horse looking over barn door.

Equine therapy, or equine-assisted therapy, delivers many benefits for physical and mental well-being. (Image: Accept001 via Dreamstime)

My Top 3 Brain Myths

Doctors examining the human brain.

Our brain starts to malfunction even when we think that we are still young!    (Image: Elnur via Dreamstime)

The Decisive Factors Affecting Longevity

A family at the beach.

Belonging and harmony, the decisive factors affecting your longevity. (Image: Roderick Eime via Flickr)

Psychologist Illuminates One of Humanity’s Most Fundamental Concepts: Cause and Effect

A burning match and smoke.

Did the match cause the brush fire, or the was it the years of dry leaves on the forest floor? (Image: roegger via Pixabay)