Amazing Sticky Rice (Vegetarian or Chicken)

A plate of vegetarian sticky rice.

Steamed Vegetable Glutinous Rice (with chicken option) And a fried option — to suit all tastes. (Image: via Jenny Low)

Nutritious Tuna Cakes With Vegetables Plus Pumpkin

Convenient and nutritious pumpkin tuna fish cakes with vegetables.

Another beautifully displayed recipe — Tuna cakes with vegetables plus pumpkin. (Image: Jenny Low)

Delicious Braised Pork Fillet with Vegetables and Eggs

Delicious braised pork fillet with vegetables and eggs on a plate beautifully presented.

The eye catching, wholesome, and delicious braised pork fillet with vegetables and eggs recipe. (Image: Jenny Low via Nspirement)

Protein Snack Recipe (Coconut and Date-Free)

Smiling blond woman in green dress eating a snack.

Protein snack recipe (coconut and date-free) . (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Green Salsa Verde: A Wonderful Liver Detoxifier

Green selsa verde and veggie sticks.

Green salsa verde is a quick and tasty dip to boost liver detox. (Image: Mypointofview via Dreamstime)

Delightful Asian Cabbage Wraps (Vegetarian)

Delightful Asian Cabbage Wraps (vegetarian).

Delightful Asian cabbage wraps are perfect for a flavor-filled vegetarian meal with just the right balance of protein and vegetables. (Image: Jenny Low / Nspirement Staff)

Delectable Vegetarian Patties

vegetarian patties on a white plate with vegetable carved flowers on the outside

Wholesome and filling, these vegetarian patties are perfect for your mid-week meal. (Image: Jenny Low / Nspirement Staff)

Delicious Fried Noodles

A plate of fried noodles.

If you're looking for a quick weeknight meal to prepare, you can't go wrong with Yaki-Soba fried noodles! (Image: via Nspirement)

Make Your Own Unforgettable Fragrant Chili Oil

The ingredients laid out to make fragrant chilli oil.

Homemade Chili Oil is the most fragrant way to spice up any meal. (Image: Jenny Low via Nspirement)

Nourishing Recipes: 3 Types of Steamed Eggs

Three egg recipes with beautiful carved vegetables.

Three types of steamed eggs, a light and protein-packed meal that is a favorite around our table. (Image: Jenny Low / Nspirement)