Riding the Green Wave: Surfers Unite for the Restoration of Native Forests

Surfer paddling on his board in the ocean.

In the quest for the restoration of native forests, surfers are joining forces to combat environmental degradation. (Image: Mirko Vitali via Dreamstime)

3 Border Collies Reseed Forest Ravaged by Wildfire in Chile

Border collies reseed forest: Three black and white border collies with tongues lolling out sit in a fire-ravaged forest.

Three border collies named Das, Summer, and Olivia taking a break from reseeding the forest. (Image: via Francisca Torres)

India: Millions of Trees Planted Amid COVID-19 Lockdown

A man holding a sapling.

Millions of trees are being planted in India. (Image: Veri997 via Pixabay)

Search Using Ecosia.org and They Will Plant a Tree

Burning Amazon rainforest.

The forest fires in the Amazon have bumped up Ecosia's user base. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Taiwan’s ‘King of the Trees’

Taiwan's 'King of the Trees' hopes to plant 500,000 indigenous trees in the Daxueshan area of central Taiwan in his lifetime. (Image: Lai Yuan via Facebook)