An Emotional Reunion as a Man Meets His Rescuer 50 Years Later

Loren Oelkers (left) and Rick Goff.

Loren Oelkers (left) and Rick Goff meet for the first time in 50 years. (Image: Loren Oelkers)

Saving Others Is Saving Oneself (Part 2)

Yangtze river close to Three Gorges Dam, China.

Wang Yingming was part of a regiment guarding the Yangtze River and his good deeds were repaid in kind. (Image: Jakub Wojtowicz via Dreamstime)

Shepherd Saves 6 Runners in Deadly Gansu Ultramarathon

People running a marathon.

The ultramarathon held in Gansu, China, on Saturday, May 22, met with extreme weather that killed 21 runners. (Image: Warrengoldswain via Dreamstime)

Whether You Encounter Misfortunes or Blessings Are God’s Grace

A shipwreck.

A closer look and you will find God's grace in all things. (Image: Keng Po Leung via Dreamstime)

The Righteous Way Is the Most Valuable

A woman in water praying.

The righteous way in dealing with all conditions and circumstances of life is the most valuable as eventually the outcome is always rewarding and fruitful, with peace of mind. (Image: Qiming Ya via Dreamstime)