Rising from the Ashes: The Restoration of Notre-Dame

Notre-Dame burning.

As an enduring symbol of Paris, the cathedral of Notre-Dame, or Notre-Dame de Paris (Our Lady of Paris), has captured people's imaginations for centuries. However, when flames engulfed its attic and spire in 2019, the world watched in stunned silence. (Image: Matthew Lockhart via Dreamstime)

Overcoming Challenges: From Being Labelled ‘Slow’ to Creating a Multi-Million Dollar Empire

Boy playing on a skateboard wearing a red biking helmet, sunglasses, and a homemade 'jetpack.'

A child who was thought of as 'slow' overcame the challenges he faced and went on to create a multi-million dollar empire. (Image: Yarruta via Dreamstime)

6 Famous People Who Show the Power of Determination

Sylvester Stallone.

Sylvester Stallone was born in 1946 in New York City, where complications at birth caused paralysis of the lower left side of his face (including parts of his lip, tongue, and chin), which gave him his signature snarling look and slurred speech. (Image: Denis Makarenko via Dreamstime)

Calm in Chaos: 12 Ways to Boost Your Patience Quotient

Woman stressing, overthinking events alone at home.

Many struggle with maintaining composure and grace during challenging moments, and impatience can be a significant roadblock to personal growth and success. (Image: Eldar Nurkovic via Dreamstime)

The Power of Encouragement and Faith: Turning Struggles Into Triumphs

Four books stacked on a wooden surface, each one with one of the words to the phrase 'success is one step away.'

Encouragement and faith can transform a person's mindset and behavior, making success just one step away. (Image: Tomert via Dreamstime)

The Virtuous Beggar: A Tale of Honesty and Fortitude

Beautiful spring blossoming apricot tree.

A beggar's act of honesty and fortitude transforms misfortune into life-changing blessings, embodying timeless lessons of virtue, moral strength, and resilience. (Image: Lillali via Dreamstime)

Endurance and Hard Work: Preparing Children for Life’s Obstacles

Happy brother and sister leap into the air while holding hands outside by a pond.

By exposing children to challenges, you foster resilience, promote a growth mindset, enhance self-confidence, and help them develop important life skills. (Image: Golfxx via Dreamstime)

Overcoming Fate: A Chinese Family Reshapes Their Destiny

The Huai River wetland park.

For generations, a Chinese family grappled with a watery curse, their destiny entwined with its deceptive calm. (Image: Hejinghua via Dreamstime)

From Hong Kong Protests to U.S. Asylum: Chen Weijie’s Defiance Against the CCP (Part 2)

Photo of Chen Weijie with one of the indigenous people on the border of Panama.

Former Shenzhen fitness coach Chen Weijie who made his daring journey to the United States in May 2023 is seen with one of the indigenous people on the border of Panama. (Image: Chen Weijie)

From Hong Kong Protests to U.S. Asylum: Chen Weijie’s Defiance Against the CCP (Part 1)

Photo of Chen Weijie working as a fitness coach.

Former Shenzhen fitness coach Chen Weijie fled to the United States and declares he will never return to China unless the Chinese Communist Party falls. (Image: via Chen Weijie)