Having Great Virtue Brings You a Brighter Future

Jiahong Su, a trail guide for the Alishan Forest Railway Management Office of the Taiwan Forestry Bureau, captured the natural beauty of the sunrise, sea of ​​clouds and cloud-fall at Xiaoliyuan's Mountain 360-degree viewing platform.

Wenliang Yu, had been known as a virtuous and talented person since he was young. (Image: via Jiahong Su)

The Secret of Shanxi Merchants’ Domination of Chinese Business World for 500 Years

Qiao family compound.

Qiao family compound. Qiao Zhiyong believed that in doing business, it was better to lose money rather than credibility. (Image: Lilyfle via Pixabay)

5 Uplifting Virtues of Jade

A carved jade flower..

Jade is synonymous with Chinese culture, both ancient and modern. Many fine virtues have been attributed to jade over the millennia. (Image: Bannerwega via Dreamstime)

One Peasant Woman Saves a Kingdom With Her Righteousness

In the wilderness.

The state of Qi was about to invade the state of Lu. In the wilderness of Lu, the Qi general saw a woman carrying two children frantically trying to escape to the mountains. One act of righteousness followed that halted what would have been a terrible war. (Image: Maocheng via Dreamstime)

The Righteous Way Is the Most Valuable

A woman in water praying.

The righteous way in dealing with all conditions and circumstances of life is the most valuable as eventually the outcome is always rewarding and fruitful, with peace of mind. (Image: Qiming Ya via Dreamstime)

Accepting and Correcting One’s Own Wrongdoings

Emperor Taizong.

Emperor Taizong depicted giving an audience to Gar Tongtsen Yulsung, the ambassador of the Tibetan empire. (Image: via Wikimedia Commons)

Shi Dakai Valued Righteousness Above Material Interests

The Taiping Rebellion.

The Taiping Rebellion (1851-1864) was the largest civil war in China and had a long-lasting impact on Chinese history. (Image: via Wikimedia Commons)