Are All Rocks on Earth the Same Age?

Ancient rocks on Earth.

Meteorites aside, Earth started out with as much material as it has today. So why are most rocks much younger than the planet itself? Our expert Maud Boyet says the answer is written in stone. (Image: esudroff via Pixabay)

A Japanese Museum That Exhibits Face-Like Rocks

Museum with face-like rocks.

Located about two hours outside of Tokyo is a curious museum that displays a large variety of rocks with human faces. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Scientists Develop New Method for Studying Early Life in Ancient Rocks

Ancient sediment from a clay formation.

This 2.1-billion-year-old sediment from a clay formation in Gabon has high concentrations of potassium, which could only have been caused by ancient microbes, according to new research. (Image: Image via Abder El Albani)