Impact of High Energy Costs on Middle-Class Businesses

Electric power lines.

With rising energy costs, many middle-class businesses are beginning to struggle. (Image: Megastocker via Dreamstime)

Russia-Ukraine War Predictions: How Will It End?

Russia-Ukraine War, the Simpsons, and WW3

Emergency Plans for Gas in Europe Due to Ukraine War

Close up of a lit burner on a gas stove.

With 40 percent of its natural gas being supplied by Russia, countries in the European Union are faced with rising prices and worries over supply disruption. (Image: Spflaum via Dreamstime)

Fear of War Researcher: Too Much Fear Can Make You Ill

Poster with a handmade Ukrainian cultural map being held aloft by a woman with blue painted fingernails at a rally protesting the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

News of the situation in Ukraine can weigh you down mentally, causing stress and anxiety to pile up. (Image: Carolina Jaramillo via Dreamstime)

What Are Craig Hamilton-Parker’s Predictions About the Russia-Ukraine War?

A residential building damaged by enemy aircraft in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

On February 24, 2022, the world was shocked by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. (Image: Palinchak via Dreamstime)

A Mustard Seed Supply Shortage Is Looming on the Horizon

A bowl of mustard seeds.

The beloved mustard seed is about make the popular condiment more expensive. (Image: Marco Verch via Flickr)

Analyzing the Complex Evolution of Russia-Ukraine Relations

A map of Europe with little flags sticking up from Kyiv and Moscow.

Russia and neighboring Ukraine have a long and troubled history. (Image: Sjankauskas via Dreamstime)