Stay Alert to Mysterious Warnings of a Pending Catastrophe

Famous ancient Shanxi Village of Jianchuan, Yunnan, China. Photo to illustrate a story of a ragged soil-seller who's actions warned villagers of a catastrophe and told them virtue and tolerance could save people.

A long time ago, a ragged man came to a village in China and tried to sell baskets full of earth to save people from a disaster. (Image: Beibaoke1 via Dreamstime)

Saving Others Is Saving Yourself (Part 1)

Accumulation of Virtue by Ancestors and the Prosperity of Future Generations

Precious stones.

Do we actually inherit the rewards for the goodness accumulated by our ancestors? Is there a tangible connection between their virtuous lives, their sacrifices, and the prosperity bestowed on later generations? (Image: Waihs via Dreamstime)