My Child Is in a Composite Class This Year. Is This a Good Thing?

School students.

The majority of classes in Australian primary school are made up of children from the same grade. (Image: geralt via Pixabay)

The Complications of Teacher’s Day Gifts in China

A gift wrapped with a star.

In China, Techer’s Day has descended into a greed-driven event where parents give their kid’s teachers expensive gifts hoping to get better treatment for their children. (Image: congerdesign via Pixabay)

Back to School: New Rules Awaiting Chinese Children

Chinese children with masks in a classroom.

School children are wearing hats with 1-meter wings to maintain social distancing. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

A Normal Day in Chinese Schools: Smart Uniforms and Facial Recognition

Chinese students.

Technologies like smart uniforms and facial recognition are being increasingly used in Chinese schools to keep track of students and their activities. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Racial Bias Associated With Disparities in Disciplinary Action Across U.S. Schools

Racial discrimination in schools.

Studies have shown that black students are subjected to higher disciplinary rates than whites, resulting in a number of negative life outcomes, including involvement in the criminal justice system. (Image: Egan Jimenez via Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs)

Schools Can Reduce Children’s Mental Health Problems

An empty chemistry classroom.

The CCP’s plan envisages patriotic education right from kindergarten all the way to the university level. (Image: Wokandapix via Pixabay)