The Art of Modesty: Showcasing Your Worth Without Bragging

Proud woman pointing to herself and smiling.

Taking pride in your accomplishments can boost your self-esteem and confidence, but it's also important to be humble and not overly boastful about your achievements. (Image: Antonio Guillem via Dreamstime)

6 Obstacles Preventing You From Achieving Your Personal Goals

Small chalkboard with the words 'dream big, set goals, and take action.'

External factors can slow your progress, but looking inwards may be the secret to success. (Image: Mudretsov Oleksandr via Dreamstime)

How To Handle Criticism in a Positive Way

Blocks spelling 'criticism.'

Dealing with criticism is a challenging but essential life skill. (Image: Zvonkov Eugene via Dreamstime)

Body Image: What It Is and How to Improve It

A woman walking through a botanical garden.

Exercise is nearly as important as diet in controlling the disease. (Image: via Dreamstime)

Being Condescending to Others Will Destroy Your Self-Esteem

A young woman showing a condescending attitude.

Looking down on others can undermine your own self-esteem. (Image: Anetlanda via Dreamstime)

How Is Genuine Self-Esteem Actually Developed?

A young fashionable bearded man wearing a scarf and sunglasses.

Confidence and self-esteem may slip from time to time, but you can build them back up by focusing on the right things. (Image: Innervisionpro via Dreamstime)

Teaching Children How to Be Kind to Family Members and Others

A mother and daughter packing lunch together.

Doucleff believes it is not necessary to praise children constantly which is something urban parents often do. (Image: rubbermaid via Flickr)