Easy Fried Bean Sprouts

Fried Bean Sprouts with prawns.

Sprouts can cleanse the liver and are good for eyesight. (Image: Jenny Lowvia via Nspirement)

Virus From China Infects Shrimp and Crayfish Farms in Taiwan

A bowl of boiled crawfish.

Decapod Iridescent Virus has apparently affected a number of shrimp and crayfish hatcheries across Taiwan. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Winter Melon Is Good for Weight Loss and Is an Antioxidant

Winter melons growing on racks.

Despite its name, winter melon is tasty treat in the summer. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Canada’s Imported Shrimp Bring Along Many Superbugs as Well

A plate of boiled shrimp.

Canadians love shrimp so much that they import US$700 million worth of the seafood every year (Image: shenfei337 via Pixabay)