Scientific Proof: Telling the Truth Promotes Good Health!

Illustration of a heart and a line drawing of an ekg with a regular heart rythm superimposed on an image of a stethoscope.

You may have heard that honesty is the best policy — now there's proof! (Image: Pop Nukoonrat via Dreamstime)

The Power of Sincere Repentance

Chinese painting of bamboo and the full moon at night.

A Chinese merchant who gained great wealth through shady means suffers great loss but sincerely repents and makes up for his past mistakes, earning Heaven's blessings. (Image: Hsiu Chuan Yu via Dreamstime)

Perform Extraordinary Miracles With a Heart of Sincerity

Rice spilling out of a sack.

Fortunately, at the spot where Han frequently fished, some older women cleaned silk, cotton, or old cloth by the river. One of the older women sympathized with Han's situation and often helped him by giving him food. (Image: Settaphan Rummanee via Dreamstime)

Perform Extraordinary Miracles With Just One Sincere Thought

Mountain lake with the sun behind the clouds.

With one sincere thought, a person can confound all evil intentions and perform miracles. (Image: Michelangelo Oprandi via Dreamstime)

The Elixir of Good Health: ‘Honesty’ 

A smiling African American couple.

A simple smile and a genuine compliment can brighten someone's day. (Image: via Pixabay)

A Famous Medicinal Herb Merchant in Chang’an During the Tang Dynasty

A herbal apothecary.

Song Qing was held in high esteem because he carried out his trade in a completely independent and unique manner from other merchants. (Image: technicolours via Flickr)