Singapore’s Traditional Coffee Roasters Need Saving

Coffee cup on vintage wooden table with beans.

The kopi found in Singapore is unique to the region and has a buttery caramel flavor. (Image: Photomailbox via Dreamstime)

Incredible Macro Photos of Singapore’s Mirror Spider

A mirror spider sitting on a leaf.

Nicky Bay's macro images of mirror spiders are simply dazzling! (Image: via Nicky Bay)

Purple: Travel Our Enchanting Planet by Uplifting Color

A lilac breasted roller.

'Seek to be the purple thread in the long white gown.' — Epictetus. (Image: Bradley Feller via Unsplash)

The Singaporean Who Worked as a Chinese Spy in America

F-35 jets.

Yeo Jun Wei Dickson passed sensitive information to Chinese intelligence, including a report about the implications of the U.S. selling F-35 jets to Japan. (Image: Military_Material via Pixabay)

Singapore Sees Biggest Retail Sales Decline in Two Decades


In Southeast Asia, Singapore has been the most affected by the CCP coronavirus outbreak. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

How Vietnam Succeeded in Taming the CCP Virus

A busy street in Vietnam.

Vietnam has been successful in restricting the CCP coronavirus. (Image: laurelnurse via Pixabay)

When Banning Fake News Is Even More Dangerous Than Fake News

Thousands of Singaporeans Shocked as HIV Status Leaked Online

HIV data leaked online.

In one of the worst cases of a data breach in Singapore, the HIV status of around 14,200 people has been leaked online. (Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

Singapore Activist Jolovan Wham Found Guilty for Not Having Permit

Singapore has restrictions on freedom of speech. (Image: Newtown graffiti via Flickr)