Meet the Amazing 10-Year-Old Chorister Who Sings to Relieve His Pain

William singing at Ripon Cathedral.

William is a 10-year-old senior chorister at Ripon Cathedral. (Image: Versus Arthritis)

5 Remarkable Health Benefits of Singing

A group of young friends singing karaoke together.

As soon as someone starts to sing, or even hum, the body starts to release endorphins. (Image: Shannon Fagan via Dreamstime)

CCP Coronavirus Lockdown: Italians Singing to Raise Their Moods

The Piazza Venezia in Rome.

Italy has been severely impacted by the coronavirus. Didone, who settled in Yilan, issued a letter through the Camillian Saint Mary’s Hospital in Luodong appealing to the public for donations. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Make Cooking Fun by Singing

Preparing rice.

If you want to make cooking a much more enjoyable experience, consider singing during the process. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)