A Simple Smile Can Improve Your Mood

A young woman smiling.

Smiling can rewire your brain, produce positive emotions, and raise your spirits. (Image: via Pixabay)

Decoding the Hidden Meaning Behind 10 Types of Smiles

Young blonde woman with perfectly healthy teeth.

Your teeth help you when you talk and chew, and they can also make or break your appearance and even relationships with other people. (Image: Aleksandr Rybalko via Dreamstime)

Lose These 4 Bad Habits to Stay Healthy and Gain These 3 Good Habits

A woman welcoming a sunrise.

A magic weapon for health: Avoid doing these four things before bed and develop three good habits to improve your mood and your health. (Image: Subin Pumsom via Dreamstime)

Smile More to Stress Less

Smiling woman wearing a hat at the beach.

Smiling is is a great way to help you relax. (Image: LuidmilaKot via Pixabay)