Almost Half of Moon Missions Fail. Why Is Space Still So Hard?

A Moon landing.

Space missions are a risky business. Just over 50% of lunar missions succeed. (Image: stux via Pixabay)

7 Powerfully Effective Ways to Overcome Stress in Your Marriage

A happy newly married couple.

Marriages have become so fragile and shallow that many crumble with the slightest sign of hardship. (Image: Oleg Parylyak via Dreamstime)

What Happens to Your Red Blood Cells While in Space?

Is There Gravity in Space?

Sharpest Earth-Based Images of Europa and Ganymede Reveal Their Icy Landscape

An icy landscape.

Planetary scientists from the University of Leicester's School of Physics and Astronomy have unveiled new images of Europa and Ganymede, two future destinations for exciting new missions to the Jovian system. (Image: via Pixabay)

Space Debris: Danger Flies Around Earth

Can Solar Storms Really Knock Out Your Phone and the Internet?

A solar storm.

Charged particles from the Sun can destroy the electronics on our planet. (Image: Kriscole via Dreamstime)

Celestial Tales: The First Mexican Woman to Reach Space 

Katya Echazarreta holds a Mexican flag.

Katya Echazarreta flew aboard a Blue Origin rocket and is the first Mexican woman to reach outer space. (Image via Katya Echazarreta)

Scientists Succeed at Growing Plants in Lunar Soil

Seedlings growing in lunar soil.

The seedlings grown in the lunar soil. (Image: IFAS Video via Youtube)

4 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Space

Astronaut on a space walk reaching toward the camera with Earth and the Sun seen in the background.

You might be surprised by some of the space facts that most people don't know. (Image: Alexey Kuzin via Dreamstime)