Celebrate Chinese New Year With These 5 Ancient Poems

Yellow Chinese dragon.

Happy Chinese New Year, 2022! (Image: Carolina Jaramillo via Dreamstime)

Life Lessons From Nature

Buddha statue in a garden.

The way of the natural world can give us guidance for our human lives. (Image: Amanda Flavell via Unsplash)

Nature Welcomes Us to Spring With Bright Yellow Wattle Flowers

Yellow wattle flowers are small ball like flowers growing in a cluster on a stem of a tree.

Yellow wattle flowers growing on Australian Native acacia trees. (Image: Trisha Haddock via Nspirement)

Qingming Festival: Chinese Honor Ancestors and Spring

The Tang style poem of Qinming by Du Mu.

In this poem, Du Mu describes a lonely traveller still on the road while others are already reunited with their families. The traveller's state of mind is echoing by the unceasing rain. Then, a sense of hope is conveyed when a shepherd boy points the traveller to the direction of an inn in Xing Hua Village where he is able to find shelter and lodging as well as Sakura wine (Image: via secretchina.com)

Bringing Wellness to the Body: Spring Hacks

Spring flowers blooming.

As the flowers start to bloom, why not do some spring cleaning for your body, mind, and soul? (Image: Couleur via Pixabay)

Chinese Traditional Medicine: Taking Care of Health During the Spring

A bluebird in spring.

Springtime is seen as the beginning of a new cycle of life and the time for rejuvenation. (Image: JillWellington via Pixabay)