Real-Life Squid Game: China’s Kill-to-Order Organ Harvesting Network

Harvesting an organ in 'Squid Game.'

In one of the side plots of ‘Squid Game,’ dead contestants have their organs harvested. (Image: via Netflix)

Squid Game’s Dalgona Candy a Craze on TikTok

Man holding a piece of dalgona candy.

The hugely popular South Korean drama series 'Squid Game' shown on Netflix led to the popularity of dalgona candy or 'ppopgi.' (Image: via Netflix)

Bootlegging ‘Squid Game’ Gets Unfortunate North Korean Man Death Sentence

Scene from 'Squid Game.'

News that a North Korean high school student was, according to the Radio Free Asia (RFA), sentenced to death as a result of distributing bootleg copies of Squid Game to students. (Image: via Netflix)

Netflix’s South Korean Hit ‘Squid Game’ Pirated en Masse in China

Netflix's ‘Squid Game’ poster

Netflix's ‘Squid Game’ poster with the main characters. (Image: via Netflix)