Ahsoka Tano: From Star Wars to Real-World Inspiration

Ahsoka Tano from 'Star Wars.'

In the expansive universe of the 'Star Wars' franchise, few characters have had as profound an impact as Ahsoka Tano. (Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.)

Unraveling Galactic Roots: Real-Life Events That Inspired ‘Star Wars’

An action figure of Darth Vader stands in front of the 'Star Wars' logo.

Many don't know that a lot of real-life events helped shape the social and political aspects of the 'Star Wars' saga. (Image: Luligu via Dreamstime)

Apply This Jedi Master Wisdom in the New Year

A statue of Yoda outside in San Francisco in the summer.

The range of wisdom and emotion displayed by Yoda in the original Star Wars trilogy left us with words that resonate deep within us and ring of truth. (Image: Benjamin Paquette via Dreamstime)

Inner Peace: Philosophy of Star Wars (+Bonus Yoda Quotes)


The characterization and teachings of Yoda in the 'Star Wars' franchise strike obvious parallels with Buddhist and Stoic themes. (Image: Kory Westerhold via Flickr)