Lengthen Your Life by Changing 5 Bad Habits

Two elderly cyclists astride their bicycles stop to give each other a high-five.

Getting in the habit of regular exercise will lengthen your life. (Image: Germana Marengo via Dreamstime)

Staying Up Late Affects the Body More Than You Know

Sleepy young woman laying in bed looking at her cellphone screen while yawning.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, staying up late will hurt the health of the body over the long term. (Image: Ocusfocus via Dreamstime)

5 Points to Nourish and Protect the Liver

It's important to maintain a healthy liver.

Danger alert: an unhealthy diet, eating late at night, staying up too late, smoking, and drinking alcohol are lifestyle habits detrimental to the liver's health. (Image: Nataliia Mysik via Dreamstime)