Endurance: Everything You Need to Know to Build It

Confident, smiling woman looking up as she stands in front of tall buildings on a city street.

Endurance is the ability to persist through challenging situations and maintain a positive attitude in the face of adversity. (Image: Dark1elf via Dreamstime)

Etiquette of the Chinese Lion Dance

A Chinese lion dance costume.

The lion dance plays a vital role in Chinese culture. (Image: via Pixabay)

Zhu Family: Ancient Heroes

A man driving an ox cart at sunset.

In ancient China, members of the kind-hearted Zhu family helped many people and even traveled around by oxcart to find those in distress. (Image: Dietmar Temps via Dreamstime)

How Our Ancestors Viewed Wealth, Poverty, and Virtue

An ancient Chinese building.

The ancient Chinese believed that the virtue of one’s ancestors bestows blessings upon later generations. In fact, it is said that the Zhou royal family ruled the world for 800 years because of the good deeds and virtue of their ancestors. Thus, the Zhou royal family was able to rule for such a long period of time. (Image: via pixabay)

These Fruits Can Keep Your Muscles Strong

Two red apples sitting on a wooden surface.

Within the flesh, skin, and seeds of many fruits and vegetables lie hidden chemical compounds that can help to maintain a healthy body into old age. (Image: congerdesign via Pixabay)

Life Lessons From Nature

Buddha statue in a garden.

The way of the natural world can give us guidance for our human lives. (Image: Amanda Flavell via Unsplash)

In Our Vulnerability Lies Our Strength

Sad woman hugging herself, showing her vulnerability, standing on a rocky shore.

People who feel shame and unworthiness feel very uneasy about their vulnerabilities. (Image: Zakalinka via Dreamstime)

Anger and Its Consequences to Both Body and Mind

An angry man yelling.

Do not lose your self-control in an argument. (Image: Ashish_Choudhary via Pixabay)