Practical Strategies for Handling Chronic Complainers in Your Life

Girl complaining or having an angry conversation with her friend.

When emotional pressure overwhelms, it is easy to fall victim to uncontrollable anger. If this becomes habit-forming, it may mean something is wrong with your liver. (Image: Antonio Guillem via Dreamstime)

9 Practical Steps to Cultivating Patience

An upset man talking on the phone.

It seems the virtue of patience is often admired, yet seldom practiced these days. (Image: Fizkes via Dreamstime)

What Causes Chronic Stress and How to Shift It

How to Lower Your Stress to Lose Weight

Fear of War Researcher: Too Much Fear Can Make You Ill

Poster with a handmade Ukrainian cultural map being held aloft by a woman with blue painted fingernails at a rally protesting the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

News of the situation in Ukraine can weigh you down mentally, causing stress and anxiety to pile up. (Image: Carolina Jaramillo via Dreamstime)

Mindfulness to Reduce Stress and Relax More

Young dad sits on the floor of the living room looking stressed out as four kids jump around the room, full of energy.

We all know what it’s like to feel stressed, and we deal with it differently. (Image: Roman Samborskyi via Dreamstime)

Do Fidget Toys Help You Self-Regulate Anxiety and Focus Better?

A cupcake-shaped antistress pop it toy in pastel colors on a pastel rainbow background.

Fidget toys like this bubble pop cupcake are meant to help you self-regulate anxiety and improve your focus. (Image: Svitlana Lushko via Dreamstime)

15 Ways to Create Balance in Your Life

Wooden clock with upper half blue with numbers in white and lower half white with numbers in blue and notes stuck to the hands that say "work", "life", and "balance".

It's time to learn how to get your life back into balance! (Image: Oleg Chumakov via Dreamstime)

What You Need to Know About Adaptogens

Chaga mushrooms growing on a tree.

Chaga mushrooms are known to be a rich source of antioxidants. (Image: via Wikimedia Commons)

Smile More to Stress Less

Smiling woman wearing a hat at the beach.

Smiling is is a great way to help you relax. (Image: LuidmilaKot via Pixabay)