The Secret to Longevity: Less Anger for Better Health

A smiling man lounging in the sun.

A positive and calm attitude not only helps in dealing with life's challenges but also contributes to overall well-being. (Image: Viktor Gladkov via Dreamstime)

Scientific Proof: Telling the Truth Promotes Good Health!

Illustration of a heart and a line drawing of an ekg with a regular heart rythm superimposed on an image of a stethoscope.

You may have heard that honesty is the best policy — now there's proof! (Image: Pop Nukoonrat via Dreamstime)

Unlocking the Benefits of Power Naps for Productivity and Well-Being

Illustration of a man resting on a sofa.

Power naps are a secret weapon that can boost your daily performance and overall well-being. (Image: Supatthanan Wongsa via Dreamstime)