How Feng Shui Can Amplify Good Fortune in Your Life

Optimum bed and bedroom feng shui.

Feng shui is arranging structures and items and organizing space within your room to achieve peace and balance. It is based on ancient Chinese culture, notably Taoism. (Image: ArchitectureVIZ via Dreamstime)

How to Unlock The Mysterious Ancient Chinese Principle of Yin and Yang for Mind and Body

Ancient Chinese yin and yang symbol.

Yin and Yang are entirely intertwined, and one can't exist without the other. However, Stagnation of one brings imbalance to the other. (Image: Kevkhiev Yury via Dreamstime)

How Feng Shui Was Used by China’s Emperors

Zen stones on a log with water reflected in background.

if you own the miniature tree at the wrong time or your life or place it in the wrong place, this could harm your feng shui. (Image: Brad Switzer via Unsplash)

The Analects Uphold Integrity: Profound Thoughts from Confucius

A Chinese terracotta soldier.

The cultivation of oneself refers to improving one's character, morals, and conduct. (Image: via Nspirement)

China’s Famous Physician Bianque (扁鵲)

Tian Tan Buddha statue on Lantau Island, Hong Kong.

Mark realized that as well as the five sets of exercises and meditation he was learning, there were also spiritual principles to follow, namely the values of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance. (Image: Henry Wang via Pixabay)

Taoist Wisdom: 4 Types of Parents

A family at the beach.

As parents, we can liken ourselves to the roots of a tree, with the kids being the fruit. (Image: Pixabay

A Fascinating Overview of Confucianism, Taoism, and Legalism

A statue of Conficius.

The 8 Cardinal Virtues are the criteria that Confucius left for people to follow. (Image: Kevinsmithnyc via Wikimedia Commons)

Greater Than the Sky: Reflections on the Classic Sayings of Laozi

A 16th century Ming Dynasty ink drawing of Laozi.

Laozi, the great ancient philosopher and founder of Taoism. 16th century Ming Dynasty Ink on paper. (Image: via Wikimedia Commons)