Zhang Jun: The Man Chosen by Destiny to Quell a Rebellion

Chinese painting showing the army traveling through a village.

During the Qin Dynasty, Xiang Yu, the king of Western Chu, and Liu Bang, the king of Han, were in a bitter and bloody conflict. (Image: Lin Yang via Dreamstime)

The Story of the Yellow Crane Tower

The Yellow Crane Tower.

A notable story depicts Lu Dongbin and the Yellow Crane Tower, one of the four most famous buildings in the Jiangnan region. (Image: via Wikipedia)

The Future Is Revealed Through the Quality of Your Thoughts

Yin and yang symbol above a Chinese character on a circular tile.

The ancients believed that gods were watching them day and night and knew the importance of having proper behavior and taking responsibility for their own thinking. (Image: Christopher Rawlins via Dreamstime)

Witnessing a Miracle: How Doctor Xue Saved a Man With a Severe Head Injury

A hammer laying on the ground.

In the chaos, a bandit swung a hammer at the master's head, and in an instant, he collapsed to the floor motionless. (Image: Vladakg via Dreamstime)

Taoist Warriors of Wudang Mountain

A Taoist temple.

A Taoist temple at Wudang. (Image: drnan tu via Flickr)