Tibetan Go: Unique System of Divination, Guidance, and Practice

The Tibetan Go game.

Legend tells us of a story in the classics of prehistoric Bon regarding Tibetan Go and its strange and unique way of divination. (Image: Oana Ghetu via Dreamstime)

China Worst Violator of Religious Freedom, Says PEW Study

Inside a church.

A new PEW research study notes that China is the worst violator of religious freedom in the world. (Image: Francisco Anzola via Flickr)

CCP’s Final Preparations to Wipe Out Tibetan Identity

A Tibetan monastery in the mountains.

In the 7th century AD, Qizong Nongtsan, also known as Songtsan Gambo, became the successor of the Tubo kingdom. (Image: hbieser via Pixabay)