Rekindling a Dream: A Granddaughter’s Journey in Recreating Vintage 1940s Fashion Designs

Julia, also known as 'Boringbb' on TikTok, wearing a blue 1940s-style dress along with a sketch her grandmother made of the dress in the 1940s.

A granddaughter revives her grandmother's dream by recreating vintage 1940s fashion designs and sharing them on TikTok. (Image: Julia, aka 'Boringbb', via TikTok)

A New TikTok Trend Has People Drinking Toxic Borax. An Expert Explains the Risks and How to Read Product Labels

Mixing borax with water.

A potentially dangerous trend has gained prominence on TikTok, with a number of people mixing borax into water and drinking it for supposed health benefits. (Image: via Public Domain)

The Effects of Being Addicted to TikTok on Adolescents

Screen of a smartphone showing social media apps including Snapchat, Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

What effect does TikTok have on adolescents? (Image: Mikhail Primakov via Dreamstime)

Is 13 Too Young to Have a Social Media Account?

Teen girl sending text messages.

Late last month, the current US surgeon general, Vivek Murthy, warned 13 is too young to join social media. (Image: Oleksandra Troian via Dreamstime)

Why Short Videos Are Taking Over the Internet

Instagram Reels.

Instagram users can use 'Reels' while other social media apps also offer ways for users to create short-form videos on their platforms. (Image: Seemanta Dutta via Dreamstime)

Chinese Influencers Spread Propaganda on TikTok, Facebook, and Other Social Media Platforms

A group of people sitting around a table using their smartphones.

China is exploiting the global social media ecosystem to enhance its already massive influence as it seeks to establish its economic dominance. (Image: Mirko Vitali via Dreamstime)

Artist Pays Respect to Victims of the Uvalde, Texas Massacre

A custom casket.

A Texas man worked for days on end to customize caskets for the 19 children who were killed after a gunman opened fire at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. (Image: via SoulShine Industries)

Squid Game’s Dalgona Candy a Craze on TikTok

Man holding a piece of dalgona candy.

The hugely popular South Korean drama series 'Squid Game' shown on Netflix led to the popularity of dalgona candy or 'ppopgi.' (Image: via Netflix)

Accused of Harvesting Personal Data of Children: May Cost TikTok Billions

Snapchat and TicTok apps on a mobile phone.

The safety and security of the personal data of children is a cause of growing concern. (Image: Mikhail Primakov via Dreamstime)

TikTok Is Seen as a Potential Security Threat by World Governments

TikTok on a phone.

TikTok is under scrutiny by various world governments. (Image: 8268513 via Pixabay)