Man Stands Outside the Tokyo Olympic Village Each Day with a Motivational Poster

Man holding a motivational poster.

One man wanted to remind the hardworking athletes that even if they didn’t get the gold, silver, or bronze, they’re still pretty remarkable. (Image: Youka Nagase via Facebook)

14-Year-Old Quan Hongchan Won Olympic Gold, but Just Wanted to Help Her Mother

Quan Hongchan during a dive.

Quan Hongchan is the third of five children born to a family of farmers. (Image: IC via Wikipedia)

7 Inspiring Olympic Games Moments to Warm Your Heart

Maggie Mac Neil Won More Than Just Gold at the Tokyo Olympics

Margarete Mac Neil at the end of a race.

The moment Margarete Mac Neil took the gold at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)