Disagreeing Gracefully: How To Foster Understanding in a Polarized World

Man and woman in a heated argument.

Most of us have found ourselves embroiled in a heated argument that makes us feel like we never want to speak to the other party again. (Image: Blanscape via Dreamstime)

How to Read a Person’s Character in Their 50s, 60s, and 70s

A group of older adults laughing and talking together.

Maintaining good interpersonal relationships can lead to increased happiness and better health. It is ideal for cultivating a group of close friends. (Image: Monkey Business Images via Dreamstime)

A Different Kind of Approach to a Healthy Heart

Healthy senior lady standing outdoors and posing with a paper heart held over her left eye.

The heart is probably the busiest organ in the summer, so it’s important to do what we can to keep it healthy. (Image: Syda Productions via Dreamstime)

3 Small Things That Can Bring Blessings

Silhouette of a man jumping for joy on the beach at sunset.

Your future will be filled with blessings when you pay attention to the choices and chances life brings you every day. (Image: Paulus Rusyanto via Dreamstime)

What Makes a Marriage Thrive for a Lifetime? (Part 3)

Older smiling African American couple at home.

It has been noted that the civility and emotional feelings between husband and wife sustain longevity in an arranged marriage. (Image: Monkey Business Images via Dreamstime)

5 Magic Words of Wisdom to Deal With Bullies

Boy being bullied by bigger boy.

There have always been bullies for as long as there have been social relationships. (Image: motortion via Dreamstime)

3 Key Principles All Relationships Need to Survive

Young man giving his girlfriend a piggyback ride on an autumn day.

There are three things you need in every relationship if you want to be completely happy. (Image: Nyul via Dreamstime)

A Blessed Person Has These 8 Uplifting Characteristics and Much More

The heart of a blessed person.

Cardiovascular health is about more than physical fitness. It is also about mindfulness, and being content with one’s life and destiny.  (Image: John Hain via Pixabay)

How to Suffer Properly

A sad woman.

There is still a stigma regarding mental health for adults and children alike. (Image: Victoria_Borodinova via Pixabay)

A Real Master

The Chinese game of go.

General Zuo Zongtang (1812-1885) of the Qing Dynasty was a fan of the strategic board game Go and also an expert at the game. (Image: Jaro Larnos via Flickr)